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The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.

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Many people suffer from lung problems, which affects their breathing and the function of their lungs. Diseases and disorders of the respiratory system can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

Maranatha Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary program consisting of accurate diagnosis, therapy, and education. Our main goal is to stabilize or reverse the progression of pulmonary disease and to attempt to return you to the highest possible functional capacity allowed by your pulmonary disorder and overall life status.


Our program is designed for patients with chronic obstructive lung diseases, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, bronchiectasis, pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis, and many others.

To help us understand how well your lungs work, accurately diagnose what is causing your symptoms and to develop a treatment plan to address them, we typically perform pulmonary function tests. 


Pulmonary function tests are not invasive, meaning nothing is inserted into your body. Instead, you simply breathe or pant into a device as instructed.

These tests are performed by a certified respiratory therapist using state of the art equipment similar to that found in hospitals affiliated with medical schools. This includes the use of a body plethysmograph, more commonly known as the body box, and a metabolic cart to diagnose pulmonary diseases.

Maranatha Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary program formulated through accurate diagnosis, therapy, and education.

The reason the equipment is commonly known as a body box is that the person having the test done stands or sits in an airtight chamber about the size of a telephone booth. The walls are glass so you can see the technician giving the test at all times. And since the test usually only lasts about three minutes, most people have no problem being inside the testing chamber.

When a pulmonary function test is performed, we measure lung capacity, volume, and gas exchange. This tells us how well you breathe, how much air is in your lungs when you take a deep breath, and how much is left in your lungs after you exhale. These tests can also reveal how well your lungs extract oxygen to send to the rest of your body.


Every patient is different, and so may require different types of tests. Depending on your health history and symptoms, your doctor may order more than one pulmonary function tests.

Your doctor will tell you how to prepare for the test, including if you need to stop taking some of your medications before the test. You’ll also get instructions about how to be more comfortable during the test, and activities to avoid before the test. This way you will be more likely to get accurate test results.


These tests are useful also to evaluate how well your symptoms are responding to treatment or medications.

One key piece of our comprehensive program is our focus on improving your overall health. By helping patients increase their exercise tolerance and develop healthy behaviors, their general health improves, and along with it, the symptoms of their lung diseases are often reduced.

We achieve the goals for our patients through aerobic and strength training exercises, breathing exercises, symptom management training with activity, and relaxation exercises.

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